December 2018-Chad Boyle from Indiana- I received the rest of my shipment yesterday and I can't express the thanks I have for you and your team. The quality of your products are the BEST in the industry and that is not an empty compliment. I have been buying restoration parts since I was 14 so almost 30 years and I NEVER been treated this good nor have I ever felt this good about spending money. Worth every penny. The packaging matched the product and just by looking at it proves that what your company does isn't just a business but a passion. Probably the the moment I dropped my jaw was after I opened the mailbox and I found the package with the invoice and the samples for the items that I will need in the near future.

July 2018- Mike O'Keefe from Massachusetts- Thank You, I just got the seats and headliner and carpet set with foam as well. It looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the door panels. Looks like they will be here on Saturday. Now I just need my buddy to get my damn car together for me so I can get the interior in there and get you some pictures. Please thank the workers for me who were involved with my interior!! They need to know that I’m an Iron Worker in Boston building high rises and that I’m a regular guy. I’ve been putting the pieces together for my 55 Bel Air for 14 years now, and getting close to having the car I have wanted since I was in elementary school. I still have my 55 Hot Wheels and models that I built as a kid. I appreciate their craftsmanship and the ability to make other people’s dreams and my dream come true. Sincerely Mike O'Keefe March 2017- Jeff and Cathy from Idaho: Gina: These seats are wonderful. You folks did such a great job. We are so pleased. We are so glad we went with your company! I can hardly wait to show off our car and mainly the interior! Thank you for all your expert help and advice. Jeff&Cathy February 2017- Gary from Michigan: Gina, As promised, attached are three of pictures from the 2017 Autorama Hot Rod Show in Detroit this past weekend. My 1955 Chevrolet 210 Wagon took 1st place in the Custom Wagon Class, thanks in part to your interior work. I spoke to a lot of people during the three day show and many asked who did the interior on the car , in which I proudly said Ciadella Interiors of Tempe, Arizona. I handed out all of the postcards and cards that you sent me and told everyone to ask for Gina and to let you know Gary from Autorama sent them. October 2016: Subject: Re: Interior Complete Thanks so much Gina, we really appreciate all your help in designing and completing our interior for the Chevy. I had struggled with getting it done for years because I didn't know where I could get what I wanted at a reasonable price. Talking with you the first time was amazing you knew about the cars understood what would look good and sent us the sample pictures immediately. It was just so comforting as we were finally talking to someone who got it and could supply us with a quality product that we could install and complete the car. Please thank all your staff for their effort on making our interior so special for us. Thanks again, best regards, Blair C.

September 2016: Gina, My 52 Chevy hardtop with your interior was featured on Power Nation this past weekend. It is the interior that your stitched graphite leather with original 56 Chevy cloth in the 56 Bel Air pattern. They gave your company a plug during one of the brief sessions that the car is talked about along with a sharp interior shot. Power Nation usually has a car, that is used as a prop in several of the shots. Power Nation was on Spike TV this past weekend (September 11th) and will be on NBC Sports Network and CNS Sports Network this coming weekend. The car is pale yellow with a white/ghost gold top with your leather/cloth interior and German square weave carpet. The interior makes the car. It has been on the cover of Crusin Style Magazine this year and they too mentioned your company. Once I get a good photo, I will e-mail you one. Many Thanks, Baker K.

February 2016:

Hi Lady Gina.  Thanks for the great time with you and your sister
and the tour of your shop. It was great.  Here's some pictures we took.


Hi thanks again for the tour and getting my door panels to me in record time. Everything looks great and was shipped with care!! You have a customer for life! 

Thanks again Gina and the gang Ciadella Interiors. 

Mark K.

November 2015:

Hi Ms. Gina. Wanted to let you know that I got the material today from fed ex. I'm very pleased   Thank you for having a great business for those of us in the car hobby. Bet your dad is proud !  You were so personable and helpful such a nice change to deal with such a pleasant person representing their company. Best wishes to for continued success in the future   I will spread the word in Texas that your company is the one to go to for upholstery needs.  Pete

April 2015:

Hi Gina,

I take a moment to give you feedback on your products.
You and your team did an awesome job, the interior kit is amazing.
To add on top, I received my order incredibly fast.
We don’t see that very often in our customs vehicles business.
Thanks again for the excellent products and service.


March 2015:

We received 6 boxes yesterday. It was like Christmas! We only opened one door panel box and the seat covers so far, but everything is looking great. The colors are a great match on the paint color. Thank You for your awesome assistance and For the great work from everyone there.
Monte and Glenn 

Mexico, Mo

Ciadella Interiors, I take a moment to give you feedback on your products.
You and your team did an awesome job, the interior kit is amazing.
To add on top, I received my order incredibly fast.
We don’t see that very often in our customs vehicles business.
Thanks again for the excellent products and service.


I cant tell you how exceptional the workmanship is on the interior of my 57 Nomad. I have included some photos of the interior so you can share them with other customers.

The care that you take to ensure quality is beyond reproach. Everything matches, looks brand new and compliments the car more than I imagined. I definitely picked the right company to take care of my car and will be referring others to your company in the future.

Thank you so much for your time, patience and work ethic!

Gary Uftring

Hi! I would like to first commend you and your staff on the EXCEPTIONAL workmanship on the interior that you did for our 1957 4-door wagon.  Tim and I could not be more pleased and excited with the combination of material we picked.  We will definitely recommend your company not only for your quality of workmanship and material, but also for your customer service.

Thank you again for your expertise in service and quality work.


Tim and Chris


Please pass on to all the fine folks at Ciadella Interiors my absolute heartfelt thanks for the beautiful interior kit (estimate #2932) that you all supplied me. I am in awe of the quality and am so pleased with the results

Again Thank you Ciadella Interiors Crew for making my tri five just that bit more special :) just cannot wait to get it fit in now



(Kiwi56 - Tri name is Cam and I got an interior kit for my 57 Nomad last June. I thought you would like to see the finished job. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out, it's exactly what I had in mind. It can be a little stressfull when you've never seen what you have in mind and to have it turn out as well as it did made it all worth other words you guys nailed it. I hadn't visualized the two rows of chrome buttons on the seat backs but please thank whoever thought of it because I love it. There is no shortage of chev "experts" out there and all them think it all looks great....thanks again...Cam


Hi, Gina its been awhile and I was searching for an old email and noticed you never got the pictures of the work you guys did for me ! If you remember this car had all the original interior with the exception of the carpet and package tray it was all in excellent shape except for the drivers bucket seat cover had a few splits in it ! so you guys where so very nice to sell and install just one bucket seat cover for me, I just couldn't replace the whole interior as the rest was in such fantastic original shape. So I wanted to send you these pics to show you that the seat cover you sold me and the job you guys did is PERFECT ! you can not tell the difference from the original seats it blends in perfect in grain color texture etc. as you remember I was very picky about the depth of the di-electrical seams/ pleats be exactly like the originals as the originals were quite deep and defined and other companys do not do this fine detail as I've noticed you do, from viewing cars at shows and such. All these things  are the reason why I choose you guys. Ciadella interiors are the best in my opinion and I cant express how much I appreciate you helping and working with me on this very nice 1964 SS

Thank you, Nick




Pete, I just recieved my 59 impala door panels and parts, just to let you know they are beautiful, please let your crew know how pleased I am with the quality workmanship and dedication to their job. Even the shipping dept. did an outstanding job of packing the parts. When you are the best, there is no competition, you will have all my future work, can't wait to get to the point I can order the interior for my 59 el camino. Thank You again. Floyd Drown: Twin Falls, Idaho



I rec'd some of my interior today (Sat.). Very surprised as I wasn't expecting anything for a couple more weeks. It's beautiful. I am very pleased. It is refreshing, in the current business climate, to find a company that follows through on promises. Your reputation is what sold me on your business, Your work ethic, craftmanship, and quality of workmanship are second to none. I will recommend Ciadella's to everyone I meet.

Thank you,

John Hawk



Hi Gina,


Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the team at Ciadella; the seat covers are on and look incredible. I couldn't be happier!


My trimmer said the quailty was excellent - the best he has seen. Other reproduction seat covers that he has used don't have piping and seams on the rear face of the seat, just a big sheet of vinyl. He was impressed!





Thanks Gina! Thanks all!


John Driver from the land down under.


Hi Gina,


How are you guys.


My car is slowly getting there…the interior is really amazing! I am so lucky I found could have sold me anything by the


But really the quality is very high and there was more than sufficient material.


I really just need the front seat in and a few bits of trim and the car will be finished..Just a few more weeks.


All the Best




You have a great business that produces very high quality products at a more than fair price. I was first drawn to the Ciadella website and liked that you specialize in interiors and are not trying to do everything. And of course once I called and spoke to Gina I was sold!

It was great to meet you all last October and get the “shop tour” and see the dedication and hard work your team put in. I would recommend you to anyone restoring a classic Chevy.

All the Best






Hi Pete, I received the interior today ,it made it here without any damage and looks absolutely fantastic. I just wanted to say thankyou to both Gina and yourself for making this transaction so easy.

Thanks again,

Nathan Lambert

Melbourne, Australia


Gina and Bill.  Just checked e-mail. We printed pictures of the seats. They are absolutely beautiful beyond imagination. I just love the way you sewed them. It looks like a lot of intricate panels to piece together and the craftsmanship looks outstanding. My car is at the upholstery shop. kickpanels are in. The headliner will be finished tomorrow. Next the carpet. The trunk will be finished next week. I have a question - When the windlace was installed, we ended up with wrinkles as it makes the corners at the top of the door. Was there a trick to make it fit better ?
 Thanks to all the personnel at Ciadellas. The car is turning out exactly as we wanted it to look.

Subject: Finished buckets!   John Willman


Dear Peter and Gina

All I can say is WOW !!, the Installed upholstery looks Excellent, My 89 yr old Father saw his car for the first time in 5 years, last week and he was quiet emotional to see the old girl, which he bought in 1959 looking so wonderful.

Everyone comments on how great the colors match the car and their beautiful metalic finish.

I cant thank you enough forn your patients and support over many months, working so closely with me all the way from Australia to the USA, from sending me the many swatch color samples to get the seat color and design just the way I needed it.

The photos show what beautiful work your experienced company can produce.


I am recomending your company to everyone who breaths.


I will send you the Youtube Link of the Video, when my father saw the car for the first time.


Many Thanks


Paul Materazzo

Melbourne Australia


Hi everyone, I took the advice from a previous post by jblack55 and left some cookies and milk out for the UPS person. I left the house about 9A today and returned about 11A. I've never seen so many boxes by the garage door. Knew it had to be from Ciadella's and I was right. Brought them all inside to the basement and one by one, looked in each. I couldn't believe the absolutely beautiful door panels and seatcovers. The quality of the material and workmanship was outstanding. The remaining interior items were equally as great. Looking at this fabric and colors, fondly takes me back on a visit to better days. Everything looks exactly, if not better, then the way I thought it would. I'm very pleased. I would like to thank Gina for all her help. What a pleasant, knowledgeable person she is. A breathe of fresh air. I'd also like to thank Ciadella's employee's; I don't know their names but they certainly made this delivery possible through their skill and hard work. Now, if Gina could just bottle up some of that Arizona warmth and sent it to NY, I'd be real happy. By the way, the cookies and milk were taken, Carmine.

Hi Natalie and Gina,

This is long overdue but I wanted to thank Ciadella Interiors and both of you for your professional and friendly service and excellent quality interiors products that I have purchased through you to date.  I will be recommending you to anyone I know that needs to restore their interior.  As you know I had my daughters wedding this past August and you really made here day!  I am forwarding you some photos, please feel free to use them to promote your business if you like. 

Thanks again, Kevin Attwell


Thank you !!!

Hi Gina, thank you for making it possible to have my interior upgraded on my 55 chev.....I realize that your shop does not have time to do many installations, and I am so happy with the quality of the work done on my car....I appreciated being able to stay on the premises while the work was being done....I was careful not to interfere with the people doing the work, but as a new car to me I enjoyed seeing what was underneath the old materials .....I was very impressed with the skill of the employees and especially impressed with the courtesy that was extended to me as a visitor ....I liked the attitude of the people that I talked to and found that they all were part of a team and were happy to be involved in a business that was a success..We spoke of many inovations that have come about in todays world, Ipod's, GPS navagation, and that amazing Ipad that you work with, but I still think that the people you have at your business are the strongest asset, I was very surprised and appreciative that Mr. Ciadella offered me the use of his pick up and I have related this to all of the people that I have spoke to about the work done on my car, in these times that type of courtesy and service are not common place......I learned some new things about car interiors and would still like to have that windlace replaced with the proper material....Bill said that it was somewhat labor intensive working with the old material on the headliner....If you had the time I would be willing to replace the headliner if they felt it would be easier in the long run.......I will be back in Arizona during the week after Christmas and if you have any time to do this work please let me know.....If you do not I will still purchase the windlace and try to find someone that can install it.......Thank you again for all of your help....... Leroy


Hey Pete,


I just wanted to say thanks for showing me around your shop while I was visiting Phoenix last week. I love the quality of your work and am so glad that you guys are doing the voodoo that you do!!!!  Bill was always helpful over the phone so it was also great to meet him.  My interior is coming out better than I had hoped....and there is no way that I could have done it without your help.


The fabric swatch that you gave me for the sun-visor is a perfect match, so I do want to order them from you.


All the best,


Larry Freemantle




                Finally received the last package yesterday as there was a delay with our Postal system which Fedex forwards the gear to in Country areas.  I was on my way back to Perth for my break from the Mine when they arrived so I only opened the Door Card ones and had a quick glance at the other boxes before I had to go, all I can say is I am very happy with them, you and Natalie did a great job with the colour matching of the Carpet and the interior guys did a very good job with the interior.  I picked up the 6th box from the Couriers on my way out of town which was the parcel shelf and Head liner also awesome.  Can’t thank you enough for the service quality of work and your time.  Hopefully I will get to the States in the next year or 2 and I will make a point of dropping around to say hello and maybe have a look at your factory.  If there is anywhere that I can comment on the excellent work you guys do please let me know and I would be happy to leave some feedback.  I can’t wait to get it in the car but that’s probably a few months away yet, on that subject what sort of time frame is acceptable for you guys if I find something wrong with the interior that can only be seen when its put together or installed(not that I think there will be).  Anyway please pass on my thanks to everyone involved and let Pete know what great team he has there at Ciadella’s. 




Pete Mcmahon  



Hi Gina!,


I finally got the interior finished in the 55 Bel Air.  My wife and I both are so proud of it.  Tell Pete and all the gang, Thank You

for such a great job!  I am so glad I found you on the Tri Five web page.  I am sending you some pics for you to see how

beautiful it is.


Thanks Again,     Becky and Bobby Riggs   (Trader46)


You said you would like to see some pictures of my car after the interior was installed.
Well here it is and as you will see it is absolutely Beautiful!
Don and Ben at DJ’S upholstery in Dover Ohio did a great job putting it together and said several times what a nice leather kit you guy’s sent me.
Gina had it not been for you helping me I never would have settled on a leather kit for this car. Thanks to you my car is amazing. Ciadellas is lucky to have you. Gina your and their assistance and service was second to none. I was a little nervous about sending so much money to a company so far away to a company that I never had done business with. But I am here to tell you that you have a very pleased customer in Canton, Ohio. Feel free to use me anytime you need as a reference.
Thanks Again Gina
Mitch Ware
From John in California…
Hey everyone,
I am the lucky guy who got the free headliner deal from Ciadella Interiors. This was a great experience and I feel so happy to have been there for it.
Thaught I would post about the new headliner that was put in my car for free this past friday at Ciadella. Otis will post BIG pics for me. Gina took video of the process and took lots of notes. Gina will edit the video and post it when done. I got a full tour and spent the whole day there watching and assisting whenever possible. here are a few notes about my experience.

Ciadella is a top notch company. their comitment to quality is far above anything else in the industry. most custom shops don't care as much as they do.
Pete,Gina,and Natalie are absolutley wonderfull people.
They are always working. I got to see how phone orders are handled and customer relations.
The operation is huge, all in one building, and the people all love their jobs.
they had material do do just about any stock interior you could imagine.they have a die-electric process in house as well as special machines to cut backing boards for door panels, kick panels and package trays. they have visors and all the hardware you could imagine.

I was so impressed with the attention that was spent on my car. The 2 gentlemen, Bill and Thomas that installed my headliner would not settle for good enough, would not even hear any talk like that.
The headliner was cut and sewn on the spot, from the same templates that they have used for decades. They replaced the tack strips, installed the windlace, then moved onto the headliner.
I must say there was a great amount of time spent on the install. Bill and Thomas worked feverishly from 8 am till 5:30 pm.
Patience was the key here. My headliner went in without any modifications and looks 100% perfect. All the lines were laser straight. They even installed my new package tray. Anyone who thinks it won't fit needs to see the video, lots of pulling, tugging tacking, repulling, retacking, and so on. I think I might be able to do it my self but it would take 2 or 3 days for me to get it correct. I don't know if I have enough patience for this job and would probably cus a lot as well.

I am so very thankfull for the opportunity to go there and get this done. it was well worth the 8hr drive each way. This was one of the best car/people experiences I have ever had. and on a side note if you have talked to Gina on the phone she sounds hot, in her avatar on this site she looks hot, but to meet her in person was something special. She is one beautiful lady, inside and out. A very genuine person with an infectious smile and bubbly personality.. after the work was done we went for a blast around the neighborhood in my 56 and she was whoopin it up the whole time.

My choice for interior will always be Ciadella Interiors




When it comes to customer service, I believe Ciadella Interior is tops.

Your follow through and willingness to go the distance with customers is really commendable.

Thank you very much for all your help.

My 1957 BelAir convertible is all finished.

It's stunning and I'm very proud of it.

You will continue to get all my business and I am spreading the word on my very positive experience with your company.

Please feel free to use this testimonial in any way that you wish.


Alyn Edwards

Ciadella Team,

I wanted to send you a thanks for the great customer service. The custom seats are awesome. I have attached a pic of the interior in my 1961 Impala.

Regards, John Skoff

Hi Gina,
I just wanted to drop you a line since I have received all of my parts from Ciadella. The door panels look awesome and everything else is as expected. I cannot say enough good things about the entire process of buying my interior parts through your company. The ability to send samples along with giving me some feedback and ideas while coming up with my exact specifications was great. I may have to re order the front section of carpet, to my untrained eye I am not sure if I explained the center console accurately. My console sits only between the seats and it appears this opening may go farther towards the front of the car. I will have an installer look it over and see if they can make it work before I bother you about it. I will send pictures as soon as I get it all installed. This stuff is too pretty for me to try to do it myself. Thanks again. Mike

Shane Drew just ordered an interior & is so happy... he posted on Tri-Five

Just wanted to post that I received my brand new Ciadella Interior for my 57 Sport Sedan yesterday, black and silver, and can I say it's simply beautiful!! I'm so happy with it! I won't be installing it for quite a while but pulling it out of all the boxes I'm so impressed!! one very happy Ciadella buyer all the way over in Oz!!

Pete thank you for the shippment of the visors. I didn't even realize that I was missing them. Again thank you, it is so nice to do business with great people.

They were on the shop tour for Goodguys in Scottsdale last fall. They are a definite class act. When I'm ready, that's who I'll call.
Bill, AKA AZ Geezer

I was going through the boxes this weekend and I have to tell you, I love the work you did-looks amazing. Thanks so much..

Thanks again, and as soon as I get the car, I look forward to working on finishing my trunk with you.

Keith Lago 3/13/11_____________________________________________________________________________________

thank god for pete!


Hi Natalie,
We have received our door trims. And they are fantastic we are vey happy.
Thank you for your assistance, and a top product.

Thank you very much!
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 1:50 PM
To: Natalie Fredericks
Subject: Re: Ciadella Interiors

Hello Natalie
I just wanted to pass on my smile . The new replacement upholstry you sent. They are awsome. Better than expected. I wasn't sure how you would react about my comments on the corner of the pattern being wrong previously. You guys fixed it perfectly!

Thanks again for the color correction and great service.
Your loyal customer and word of mouth agent (lol)Richard Bettencourt

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Richard Bettencourt wrote:
Hello Natalie:
What great service you have. No wonder I have bought 3 interiors from you, and more coming.

I talked to Gina and Phibbs last week and these guys at Ciadella are awesome. Bill and I bounced some ideas off each other in terms of making a custom interior for my car while Gina got busy packing up a whack of fabric swatches for me to look at. Everything from specialty import leathers to ultra products in varying colors. She sent it Fedex and called Thursday to see if I had received the samples yet. Talk about great service. They are consummate professionals, and I will be buying my interior from their shop.
1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Post (Bel Air)

Ciadellas make first class interiors , i got mine from pete he was very helpful and i am very happy with it , cant wait to install it !!!

I just sent an email off to Pete Ciadella yesterday after talking to him about interiors at year end 2010. I am looking for a custom interior for my dbl nickel and will see how they respond to my request for a custom build. If that goes well then I'll start looking at fabric to get a jump on my interior.

When I first emailed Pete, he was kind enough to call me back and chat with me on a Saturday. That speaks well to their dedication and follow up so I am looking forward to working with them.


Im vary happy with ciadella interiors. I ordered a blue 55 sedan interior kit i just recevied it last week and the best part of it all was it only took one week from the time i ordered it till it was sitting on the front porch!!! They have great service and pricing the quality looks great thanks again Gina

I am really happy with the interior that I purchased (Black & Cobblestone) from Ciadella, it was exactly what was originally on the car and it was a snap putting it back in . Took me and my husband less than two days to have the door panels in, the seat covers on and the headliner started. Next classic I get you can bet Ciadella is the one I will call on.


I have an interior from Ciadella. Not installed yet but from what I have seen I am very happy with it. Pete was very good to deal with. I have 2 more trifives awaiting restoration and I see no reason not to use Ciadella again. Their price was a lot less than any of their competitor's when I purchased mine. I am certainly a happy customer.

I ordered my complete interior, including a new roof for my convertible from Gina at Ciadella, their turnaround time was absolutely amazing, I think it took a total of about 3 working days from the time I ordered all my stuff to the time it was on its way to the shipping yard. I haven't received it yet as my car missed its ship but it should hit the water in about a week from now. Everything I have read and seen so far about Ciadella's made it a no brainer for me and after my comms with the guys at Ciadella I have no doubt I made the right decision!
S Drew

Ciadella is great!

Gina just hooked me up on some items I needed for my project for my daughter.

2 projects at once...'55 Bel-Air Vert/'56 150 Sedan

I did my 57 Belair with a Ciadellas. Both are great interiors. IF I had to pick again, I would go with Ciadellas. when your the best why go anywhere else.

I just recently purchased interior from Ciadella's. I ordered them online the full interior kit for 1743.00 for a 4 door 57 Chevy 150 Sedan, Pete even emailed me back to make sure what colors I was wanting, I emailed him photos of the old ones and he sent me exact reproductions of what I had.. We just put the seat covers and door panels on and they did a great job. They had everything exact with just a few very minor modifications.
I got mine from Ciadellas, look nice. Pete even responded to my e-mails personally on a Sunday.
Can't pass up a chance to show off my Ciadella interior and add my enthusiastic endorsement. Not a knock on xxxxxxx...Their customer service is also very good. However Ciadella's does only interiors. If you have a question or problem, you get to talk to the people that actually produce the product.

That's outstanding news. Don't think you can go wrong with Ciadella's!


I hardily agree you can't go wrong with Ciadellas! Gina and crew are great folks to do business with.
Hot Rod Bob


Subject: RE: 61 chevy brookwood interior


I recieved my interior on Friday. It was like Christmas to me! So many boxes and and a lot of stuff. I think the quality of your work is so fantastic. Everything looks so nice, you really know what you are doing there. I will definitly recomend your company to all my buddies. Also the customer service from your side was so exellent!

Thank you!
Subject: interior

March 1, 2011 at 8:32am
Subject: hey pete
You guys do amazing work! My dad is very close with John sarena who speaks very highly about you and your work. I guess you guys did a seminar together recently. My dad is doing another 57 belair vert and I'm saving to get him one of your kits for his birthday. He's been doing 57s all his life and has had some beautys. I'm doin a 62 impala right now, I think we spoke on the phone regarding samples a week or so ago, I got the samples you sent thanks! Anyway sorry to bore ya with all my blab.. Jus thought it would be cool to talk to the famous Pete Ciadella that I've heard so much about!!!
_______________________________________________________________________________________________I figured I would share my recent purchase that I received from Ciadella because they did an AWESOME JOB!!

Right off the bat, my PM to Pete (interiorman) was answered promptly, with the offer of 10% of their prices since I am a member of the forum. From there, I called into the shop since I had a special request. I wanted to get '59 seats, with the '60 houndstooth insert. I was surprised when they said it could be easily done... for no extra charge! So I decided to ask for a few samples so I could see how they would like in my car. About 3 days later, they show up.

I was trying to decide on the colors, since I have re-done my door panels and used a sort of grayish/tan color. I asked if I could send in a swatch to see if they could match and of course they told me to send it out.

I got a call a couple days later from Gina who told me that the vinyl I sent them was actually 'ultra leather' which they had in stock (I had no idea it was actually really nice vinyl since all of the vinyl I bought was from a clearance bin at a fabric store and it cost about $20 for 6 yards of it). Anyway, she told me that there is usually a pretty hefty price increase when they use the ultra leather. She spoke with Pete, and he gave me a great price using the ultra leather so I whipped out my credit card

I placed the order over the phone and told Gina the color combo I wanted. 2 days later, the more I looked at pictures of the seats, I realized that I would have liked to have a bit more black in the seats. I sent an email off to Natalie, asking if my seats hadn't been sewn up yet, if I could change them. About an hour later, I got an email from Gina that the seats should be done by the end of the day and they would be shipped out.

Obviously, I figured I had missed the boat on changing the seats and felt okay with getting the seats the original way I had ordered. About an hour later, I get a call from Gina saying that Pete wanted to talk to me. I got on the phone and he asked me what I wanted to change. So I told him that I would like the bottoms black but I also said that if the seats are too far along that I will just take them as I ordered. He had actually gone into the shop and asked the person who was making the seats to stop sewing until he spoke with me. He said the changes would be no big deal and that the seats should be done in the next few days.

Well, a few days later, they showed up. Even nicer than I thought they could be. They did an awesome job. The quality of the seats is unmatched. I took them to a local upholsterer to have the seats re-padded and wrapped and he said they were very nice and when I told him what I paid, he couldn't believe it. He literally said "We couldn't have done them at that price"

So needless to say, I only have good things to say about Ciadella and the entire team there. They make an excellent product with even better customer service. Thanks again and I hope a lot of you take a look at their website and consider buying from the best next time you're updating your interior.

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